The Water Gardener's Bible

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Pages: 192


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A Step-by-Step Guide to Building, Planting, Stocking, and Maintaining a Backyard Water Garden.

Now even a novice can bring the enchantment of an aquatic oasis right into the backyard with this simple-to-follow, illustrated guide to water gardening

Whether it is a small container of water serving as home to a few plants and water creatures on a deck or patio or a more elaborate mix of waterfalls, fountains, rockwork, and lighting, the water garden can be a dramatic, spirit-soothing addition to one's property--a place to unwind, relax, and escape the cares of the world.

Water has been a prominent feature in garden designs for thousands of years, but it is only recently--with the availability of easy-to-install pumps, all-in-one kits, and preformed streams and waterfalls at the local home improvement center--that installing a beautiful water garden has become a feasible undertaking for the average homeowner. And now with the clear and complete instructions in this hands-on guide, a backyard water garden is easier than ever to build and maintain.

This is a true bible on the subject with comprehensive information on everything from choosing the right site and selecting aquatic plants and fish to pond management and problem solving. The pages are filled with specifics about pond biology and chemistry, beneficial bacteria, fish health, nuisance algae, and electrical and child safety--all that is necessary to duplicate the sights, sounds, and sanctuary of a babbling brook, splashing fountain, or cascading waterfall right in the backyard.

BEN HELM is a marine biologist and the marketing and product manager for Nishikoi Aquaculture Ltd., where he also manages the company's consumer advice service. A prolific writer with more than 300 published articles, he lives in the UK.