The Queen of Clean's Complete Cleaning Guide

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Nobody knows housekeeping like the Queen of Clean. Now, in The Queen of Clean's Complete Cleaning Guide she shows you how to banish any spot, spill, or stain. Use the most effective, inexpensive, environmentally friendly products. Resolve any laundry crisis. And get your house ready for a royal reception, or at least your mother-in-law, in minutes flat.

You will find hundreds of ingenious, Queen-tested ways to take the toil out of cleaning, including how to:

  • Freeze the stink out of sneakers
  • Clean your toilet with Tang
  • Erase water marks with mayonnaise
  • Brush away grass stains with toothpaste
  • Keep wood floors clean and scratch-free with tea
  • Get the grime off the grill with aluminum foil
  • Revive a beaded dress with vodka
  • Erase crayon marks from walls with WD-40
  • Plus 2,039 more tips