The Men's Health Diet

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Never get hungry, bored, or frustrated!

The Men's Health Nutrition System is superbly effective at dissolving belly flab because it's based on a very simple, easy-to-follow plan called LEAN FAST!

All you need do is eat from eight food groups every day, and weight loss will follow naturally! There's no counting calories, and your choices will include everything from steak, pork chops, and eggs to yogurt smoothies! The fat-busting power of these foods is exceptional. One kind of yogurt, for example, can actually prevent the body from absorbing fat!

Turn fat into muscle, look and fell great!

Build the lean, hard body you deserve, with just three 30-minute exercise sessions a week! No gym needed!

Pack on twice the new muscle by eating at the right times!

Drop major weight without hard workouts! How does losing 21 pounds grab you? Get the how-to in The Men's Health Diet!

Enjoy more sizzling sex, with cranked-up testosterone and a much sexier appearance!

Target and destroy deep belly fat, freeing yourself of a major cause of high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and sexual dysfunction!