The Abs Diet Workout 2 DVD



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  • Boost your metabolism, strengthen your core, and burn fat faster in just 3 days a week!

    Flatten your abs faster than ever-guaranteed-with The Abs Diet Workout 2 DVD. Take your body to a whole new level with this Get Fit Stay Fit Plan, brought to you by the same people who brought you the best selling book The Abs Diet, along with the hugely popular The Abs Diet Workout DVD.

    This all-new DVD features a revolutionary, easy-to-follow workout system developed by fitness experts and the editors of Men's Health. This proven plan combines metabolism-boosting speed intervals, fat-burning resistance training and an awesome gut-busting ab routine- all for killer results you can see and feel in just weeks.

    With The Abs Diet Workout 2 DVD you'll:

    • Carve a stronger core and bigger muscles!
    • Super-charge your metabolism
    • Incinerate fat faster than with just weights
    • See results in just 3 days a week!
    • Stay lean for life-never "suck in your gut!"
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The Abs Diet Workout 2 DVD

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