The 24 Hour Pharmacist



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  • Think outside the pill!

    Get better results, avoid side effects and save money. In The 24-Hour Pharmacist, Suzy Cohen, America's most trusted pharmacist, shows you how to "think outside the pill!" and save money on prescription drugs ... find natural alternatives ... choose the most effective over-the-counter products... and much more!

    You'll discover 1,097 secret superhealers "hiding" on shelves right now like:
    - The zero-calorie "supersweetener" that can help you lose weight.
    - The "anti-sag" supplement that can turn off the signs of aging.
    - The mineral supplement that rebuilds bones twice as fast.
    - The joint product that gets Suzy's highest rating (because it "eats" the protein responsible for causing painful inflammation in your joints).
    - And much more!
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The 24 Hour Pharmacist



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