Soul Signs

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Bestselling author, spiritual medium, and healer Rosemary Altea introduces a fascinating system of soul typing that reveals the dynamics of attraction.

Which energy group do you belong to--the strategic and grounded earth signs, passive and charming air signs, compromising yet unstoppable water signs, the ever-changing emotional fire signs, or the destructive dark sign, sulfur? Are you a strong-willed, emotionally driven, perfectionist Retrospective soul? A vivacious, radiant, quick-witted Bright Star soul? A thrill-seeking, romantic but fickle Traveler soul? What about your mate? Once readers learn the science behind soul typing, they will enjoy "typing" their friends, family, and even celebrities to better understand why some people seem so happy, others at war with themselves, and - the most fun - who belongs together.

"Now there's a new compatibility game in town.... The signposts to harmony, peace, and contentment can be found in the language of our souls."--Santa Cruz Sentinel

"What Rosemary offers isn't New Age wisdom - it is wisdom for the ages."-- Kenneth C. Davis, author of Don't Know Much About History.

Rosemary Altea, internationally renowned spiritual medium and healer, has been featured on Oprah and Larry King Live as well as in Vanity Fair, People, and The New York Times. She is the founder of the nonprofit Rosemary Altea Association of Healers in England, and is also the bestselling author of The Eagle and the Rose.