Organic Manifesto

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Paper or plastic? Diesel or hybrid? Bottled or tap water? Ever since the devastating implications of global climate change came to light, concerned consumers have struggled to understand the implications of our everyday decisions. Often these questions lack clear–cut answers, and on a global scale the impact of such small choices can seem unimportant. On one issue, however, the answer is unequivocal, the ramifications far–reaching and significant: We must demand organic.

Maria Rodale, a third–generation advocate for organic farmers and farming practices, knows that the widespread use of chemicals on farms throughout the United States, and increasingly in other countries, causes more damage to our fragile environment than the burning of fossil fuels or the eradication of our rain forests. Moreover, by poisoning both our land and our waterways with harmful chemicals, we are jeopardizing our very health—and that of our children. How can we reverse this frightening trend? We must demand organic.

Drawing on research from the prestigious Rodale Institute, leading health researchers, and conversations with chemical farmers from coast to coast, Maria Rodale traces the genesis of chemical farming and the rise of the immense companies that profit from farmers' reliance on chemical pesticides, fertilizers, and genetically modified seeds. She also brings to light the government's role in allow such practices (and the companies that profit from them) to flourish without regulation. She explains that modern organic farming would not only help reverse climate change by helping to reduce harmful carbon emissions but would also improve the quality of the food we eat and ensure a betty quality of life in farming communities nationwide.

For every parent who has wondered how best to safeguard the health and safety of her children; for every environmentalist in search of a solution to the worsening crisis that afflicts our land, air, and waters; for every shopping who has asked himself "Is it really worth it to pay more for organic?" Maria Rodale offers straightforward answers and a single, definitive course of action: We must demand organic now.