Foods that Fight Pain

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New medical research shows that foods are powerful pain relievers. Unlike drugs that just cover up the pain, foods can END THE CAUSE OF YOUR PAIN!

In his groundbreaking book Foods That Fight Pain Dr. Barnard provides a complete program for using foods scientifically proven to relieve pain - instead of using costly (and often dangerous!) prescription drugs. Meanwhile, many doctors remain unaware of this breakthrough research.

Try these amazing foods for just three weeks and see what they can do for you. You can:

  • Get fast migraine relief
  • Cut your overall cancer risk by 40%
  • Reduce your breast-cancer risk by 66%
  • Relieve carpal tunnel syndrome and TMJ
  • Banish arthritis pain
  • End back pain
  • Lower your cholesterol naturally
  • Clean out clogged arteries and end chest pain
  • Increase your energy
  • ...and so much more - the natural, delicious way!

Foods can fight pain. There is nothing speculative about it. It's a scientific fact proved in countless research studies from prestigious medical centers around the world. These pain-fighting foods often cost no more than what you’re already spending for food now. That means you can get all the delicious, pain-reliving effects at no extra charge. Discover all the amazing natural breakthroughs that can end your suffering and eliminate the cause of your pain in this new book Foods That Fight Pain!