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You are invited to discover the biggest, longest-lasting, most disease- and weather-proof plants known to man ” plus practical DO and DON’T advice for spectacular garden results! For example, did you know...

  • There is an asparagus variety that yields spears as thick as a man’s thumb from March through June?
  • There’s a brilliantly colored perennial flower that’s so tough, it thrives everywhere from Alaska to the Florida coast?
  • You can get $120 worth of gourmet squash from a single easy-to-grow plant?
  • There’s a potato so smooth, creamy, and flavorful, it’s preferred by French chefs?
  • There’s a black-eyed Susan that produces as many as 50 four-inch blooms at one time on a single plant?

IT’S TRUE! Now, you can learn all about these and more than 630 other specific plant varieties.