Cut the Clutter, Drop the Pounds

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How did all this clutter get in your home? And how did those extra pounds get on your body? It's not because you're a bad person. Or because you deliberately decided to have a messy, cluttered, disorganized home … or purposely loaded up on too many calories. You were busy. You were stressed. Chances are, you weren't thinking much about it.

What this means is, if you want to make permanent changes in your home, your weight, and your life, you'll need to change the way you think. That's why you need Cut the Clutter, Drop the Pounds! This exclusive edition is not sold in stores and is also packed with 50 new recipes that you won't find anywhere else!

Learn how to declutter and organize your wallet or purse!

Peter Walsh is a renowned organizational expert and star of Enough Already! and Extreme Clutter on OWN. He has motivated thousands around the globe to live simpler, happier, less stressed lives.

In this Exclusive Edition, Peter will guide you through this 6-week plan to:

  • Clear your home of excess "stuff" while discovering a vision for your personal space
  • Clear your body of up to 20 pounds following the supersimple eating and exercise plan
  • Clear your mind and spirit of the excess weight of too many possessions


The Clutter Chronicles:

Clutter has lots of causes, but these people conquered their stuff with on simple plan – and you can, too!

All the pieces are connected—and Walsh weaves them together for a 6-week program that leads readers step-by-step through decluttering their homes, their bodies, and their lives. Rodale took the program for a test drive with two dozen volunteers who followed his plan. All reported great results—from significant weight loss to calmer minds and more organized, happier, and more efficient lives. With a room-by room organizing guide, plus super simple recipes and an easy exercise plan, Cut the Clutter, Drop the Pounds is the only book to help readers clear the clutter while they zap the pounds all at the same time.


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Don't wait to start shedding your worries, your weight, and your unneeded stuff. Our decluttering Kickstart Guide is a fun, visual guide to the science of clutter and includes ingenious tips to get you started toward a simpler, happier space and life. We invite you to download and post, share on your social streams, and discuss with friends.