Beginner's Guide to Strength Training

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Creator and Men's Health fitness advisor Lou Schuler has spent decades helping guys get incredibly fit using cutting-edge strength training techniques. His 12-week program provides you with the tools you need to work out with confidence and transform your body.

  • Build a Stronger Body! Every workout in The Beginner's Guide combines primary, complementary and core strength exercises to hit all your major muscle groups three days a week.
  • Master the Best Exercises For Strength! You'll learn to move like an athlete with photos of every exercise and instructions on how to nail them.
  • Get Insider Tips! Ever wonder exactly how many reps are best for building muscle? Or which shoes you should never wear while working out? Get pro tips that every lifer should know.
  • Train Smarter & Harder for Results That Last! You'll have plenty of exercises variations to choose from. So whether you're new to lifting, have an injury or want to challenge your body like never before, you can do it all safe and effectively.