Because It Feels Good

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In this day and age, women are eager to embrace and enjoy their sex lives to the fullest. We read magazine articles about mind–blowing sex and swap stories with girlfriends—but how many of us secretly wonder if our sex lives could be better? And more important, when's the last time we had sex simply because it feels good?

Dr. Debby Herbenick, a professor, sex columnist, and researcher at the Kinsey Institute, receives thousands of letters and e–mails from women seeking her advice. In Because It Feels Good, she shows women that the first step to a great sex life is a greater understanding of their bodies, minds, and relationships.

From enlightening lessons on female anatomy to the complicated issue of libido to an overview of sex toys and positions, Dr. Herbenick informs women about even the most blush–worthy aspects of their sexual function. But ultimately, the core of Dr. Herbenick's message is the belief that sex should be fun, satisfying, and intimate. Put simply: It should feel good. This is her pleasure manifesto—and your handbook to a great sex life.